We offer the Abbott ID Now molecular test. It is the equivalent of the RT-PCR but not all countries accept it. It is described with various acronyms including molecular, PCR, NAAT, NEAR and isothermal nucleic acid amplification. The testing is a gentle shallow nasal swab that takes 10 seconds and processing takes about 20-30 minutes. Time span from patient check-in to receiving the confirmatory letter should take less than 1 hour. This test is ideal for Canadians wanting to go down to the US for less than 72 hours as it satisfies Canadian Border requirements of a PCR/molecular test (no antigen test) to return to Canada. This saves the time and cost of getting testing down in the US (typically $150-400 US).

Cost: $160 + tax – credit or debit only

Hours: Open 7 days per week but limited to mornings on the weekend
Who: We welcome all ages
When: Depending on availability this test can be done shortly before departure
What: Test report and letter includes:

  • Description of test as molecular/NAAT/ isothermal nucleic acid amplification.
  • Demographics: name, date of birth, address, phone number and passport/identity number
  • Date and time of test completion

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Specific Considerations

  • Persistent Covid Positive test result – Clients who have been COVID positive may test positive for weeks to months after their initial infection. This does not mean they are infectious but have residual non-infectious viral particles that may complicate your testing (either “positive” or “equivocal”). The only option is to get a letter from your own family physician stating you had COVID and have recovered. Generally from 12 to 180 days post-illness you are considered to be immune and not infectious. Each country will have different requirements for travellers who had been previously infected with COVID dependent on their vaccination status. Both the IATA and Air Canada sites give valuable information for travellers dependent on whether they have had COVID and their vaccination status.

  • Canadians going to the US may use the Molecular Test (for entry via air) and use the same test result for re-entry back into Canada provided the total time away does not exceed 72 hours. Excellent for travellers for a weekend trip to New York City.

  • Non-nationals will be required to sign a waiver form prior to testing.