Rabies vaccine is currently unavailable from the manufacturer and has resulted in a shortage of the vaccine at our travel clinic. The shortage is estimated to be resolved September 2024.


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We’re located on the 2nd floor of the Real Canadian Superstore in Kanata

Travel Medicine Consult

What is a Travel Medicine Consult?

As we come out of this pandemic, travel has become hazardous and anxiety provoking but many people still need and want to travel. More than ever travellers need to be prepared for the pitfalls of travel and a thorough travel consult goes a long way in preparing you for your trip.

ONLY TRAVEL MEDICINE CLINIC in the city offering in-person pre and post travel appointments.

All advice, vaccinations and prescriptions issued on-site. Concierge one-stop service.

Offering outstanding service for over 30 years servicing over 30, 000 satisfied clients.

Highly experienced team of Travel Medicine Nurses and dedicated Doctor practising since 1992.

Referred by other community physicians and 5 star Google reviews.